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About Us

Mumbi Properties

Mumbi's Vision (Who we are)

MUMBI’s BIG Why is to assist you to Build a Legacy, Touch Freedom. 

This is our over-arching purpose and resolve that is interwoven in our corporate fabric. We live it, practice it and abide by the principles that assist our clients with this basic conviction – Building a Legacy, Touching Freedom.

We strive to become a foundation and leading source of Wealth for Passionate Property Investors.

Mumbi Properties (Pty) Ltd  operations are geared towards creating wealth for our clients through property investments while meeting the housing needs of the general population.


  1. Constantly provide quality and sound properties to our clientele that befit the criteria set out
  2. Tightly manage client’s portfolio effectively and efficiently to maximize returns.
  3. Eventually create a Constant Cash Flow for our Investors from their Property Investments

Mumbi's Mission (What we do!)

Our Mission is to assist our clients – Build an Infinite Property Portfolio using the Right Structures, Right Experts and Right Properties.

Our emphasis is to build a property portfolio and equity in your portfolio that is highly liquid, accessible and well protected.

Right Structures

We ONLY use Trust structures for investing in property – By using the Right Entities, we are able to offer members a solid and practical structure where they can build a property (and other assets) portfolio

Right Experts

A combination of various professionals in our team e.g. Trust Attorneys, Trust Accountants, Risk Manager, Portfolio Manager, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Originators and Rental Managers; We offer add value and offer expert advice to our clients.

Right Properties

Our company’s focus is on Middle-Income properties that meet a simple, three point criteria:

  1. Valued between R 400k and R800k – This is middle-income bracket that offers excellent Capital Growth.
  2. Rentals between R4,000 pm to R8,000pm – Most middle-class rent at this rental bracket.
  3. Sectional Title Properties in Suburbs – These properties offer good cashflow and capital growth over time!

Our Strategy - (How we do it)

The MUMBI Investment System is simplified into 6 Steps that form the CORE of the Operations of Mumbi Properties as an organization.

These steps are sequential, however, on completion of steps 1-6, a seasoned investor will only need to come back to Steps 3-6 in subsequent property purchases and investment. 

  • STEP 1 – Property Investment Strategy (PIS)
  • STEP 2 – Registration of Entity 
  • STEP 3 – Presentation of Properties
  • STEP 4 – Property Finance / Mortgage Application
  • STEP 5 – Property Registration
  • STEP 6 – Rental Management

To get more information on these simple steps, you need to attend one of our  workshops where you get learn more and ask all the relevant questions. CLICK HERE, to View and Register for the next upcoming seminar today!