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6 Core Benefits of Real Estate over other Investments!

There has never been a better time to invest in property! In reality, we all know that. However there are many experts who will sway you towards other forms of investments. A large number of people know that property investment is a good choice, as a viable and financially prudent way to earn additional passive […]

Twin Trust Structure (TTS) in Property Investments

A Twin trust structure (TTS) involves a set-up of a minimum of  two (or more trusts)  to help structure your investments and asset management. This usually involves Trusts that have been formed for various functions such as Family Trust, Property Investment Trust, Share Trust, Business Trust etc. In most circumstances, the basic structure involves the Family Trust […]

Detailed benefits of using a Trust in Property Investing

Trusts Benefits Trusts offer a wide range of benefits. Key among them is Asset Protection! In fact this is by far the largest benefits that Trusts offer as entities. The following list of benefits is not exhaustive but includes the most important and obvious ones.

Type of Mortgage Finance Bonds

Standard Home Loan All Mortge bonds / Home Loans in South Africa have a 20 year loan term (In other circumstances 30 years). The bond repayments must be serviced from a SA rand denominated bank account. For contract workers, immigrants and refugees a loan amount of up to 100% of the value can be approved. Sometimes, in exceptional cases, loans […]